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Business Expenses

TIS THE SEASON TO DO TAX PLANNING   TAKE ALL THE LEGITIMATE BUSINESS EXPENSES YOU CAN   Some might say that the list of potential business expenses is limited only to what the mind can perceive. That would be a big stretch.   Believe it or not, the IRS knows your business better than you do.  […]


How many times in your life have you said something like “wow, why does she get all the luck?”  Or, I sure wish I had her luck.  No matter what she does, she makes money.  No matter what he does, he comes out smelling like a rose.  Well, I’m not going to tell you that […]

I’ve Got Your Six

In the fighter business, when you go into combat, you go as flight of four aircraft to provide each other mutual protection. When you are in a three dimensional environment it is very difficult to keep an eye on everything you must in order to protect yourself. Fighters in combat fly in a tactical spread […]


As an Enrolled Agent and consummate tax professional, Bill provides year-round, affordable tax services for his clients. Bill is experienced in small business start-up and tax planning in addition to a full range of tax return preparation.

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