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My Background

After graduating with a BS degree in Accounting I joined the USAF, became a pilot and retired after 20 years having flown a number of aircraft.  I then worked for The Boeing Company for 16 years, in Program Management and International Marketing, spending 12 years in Saudi Arabia.

After taking their tax course, I joined H&R Block.  After two years I was promoted to the Director of the Redmond, WA H&R Block Premium office where I stayed for eight years.  A Premium office is a year-round office that deals in more complex personal and business tax returns, as well as providing tax advice to clients, with focus on small businesses.

After moving to Blaine, WA I opened my own tax practice in 2007.  I am blessed with wonderful, loyal clients and have received numerous referrals from them.

I am an Enrolled Agent which means I have demonstrated my expertise in taxes to the IRS and am enrolled to represent clients at all levels of the IRS.

My practice includes representing clients who are in trouble with the IRS.  Because of the complexity and extreme patience required to deal with the IRS, many tax professionals chose not do so.  I actually enjoy it and find it very challenging and have had a great deal of success on behalf of my clients.  See IRS Representation.

Lately I have been working with a number of clients who are U.S. citizens, living in Canada, who have not filed U.S. taxes in years.  In doing do, I help them get on the right side of the IRS.  As a result they can sleep at night, not worrying that the IRS will come after them.


As an Enrolled Agent and consummate tax professional, Bill provides year-round, affordable tax services for his clients. Bill is experienced in small business start-up and tax planning in addition to a full range of tax return preparation.

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