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I love doing what everyone else hates to do.  Tax law is not a sexy trade.  However, complying with it is the duty of every U.S. citizen and resident if they want to live within our society.  For many, this is not easy, so someone has to be available to do the dirty work.  That’s what I am here for, to help you.  In a tax professional there are certain crucial qualities you should look for:  trust, access, experience, affordability, high quality training, and ability to represent clients in front of the IRS.  You can interview me to learn more about these qualities and more.  Please feel free to contact me  for a consultation or read more about my background.

You can reach me year-round to answer questions and explain tax law in easy to understand terms.

Because it is so massive and continuously changing, it is impossible to know the entire IRS code.  As a result, doing research is a critical part of my business.  You can feel confindent that I will do the necessary research to answer your questions.

Feel free to call me at 206-295-2291 or send me an e-mail at


As an Enrolled Agent and consummate tax professional, Bill provides year-round, affordable tax services for his clients. Bill is experienced in small business start-up and tax planning in addition to a full range of tax return preparation.

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